(Company name changed from aycan Data Management to ayData in 2019)


New solution provides secure, low cost storage of DICONDE images  

Rochester, N.Y., October 2, 2015.  aycan Data Management, a worldwide provider of NDT solutions for archiving, viewing, printing and digitizing DICONDE images and information, will launch aycan NDT cloud, a secure cloud storage solution for DICONDE images at the American Society for Nondestructive Testing’s annual conference in Salt Lake City October 26 – 29, 2015.

The new NDT cloud solution stores all images on an Indexed DICONDE E07.11 compliant server providing secure storage with integrity assurance while making it easy to find and retrieve critical radiographic data. Included in the solution is aycan web, an easy-to-access, HTLM5, zero-footprint, browser-based DICONDE image viewer, which provides a secure and convenient way to access images from almost anywhere. Easy and intuitive to use, aycan web enables image sharing with other inspectors, customers, engineering teams, and others. And, because aycan web has a zero footprint it works without any cumbersome installation or challenging requirements.

Pricing for the aycan NDT cloud solution is based on space used, so there are no upfront equipment costs, which makes it ideal for organizations just starting with digital radiography.