ayData NDT cloud

Secure Cloud Storage for DICONDE Images

No Equipment Costs–Just Pay as You Go for the Space You Use

With the ayData NDT cloud solution, targeted at organizations just starting with digital radiography, you can simply send DICONDE images into a secure cloud storage. As you only pay for the space you use, and not for equipment, your cost is minimal.

Easily Find and Retrieve Your Data

ayData’s NDT cloud solution stores all your images on an Indexed DICONDE E2339 compliant server, providing secure storage with integrity assurance while making it easy to find and retrieve your critical radiographic data. It is an excellent tool for sharing DICONDE images with customers, or for uploading from the field.

ayData web viewer Included

With the included ayData web viewer, images can be securely accessed from any internet enabled HTML5 web browser providing quick access to reference images or for sharing results.

  • Study and series selection: viewing of single or multiple images on one screen

  • Image manipulation: Brightness, Contrast, Move, Scale, Rotate, and Stack

  • Included brightness and contrast Presets

  • Measurement and Notation Tools: Length, Elliptical area, Arrow, and Text

Start improving workplace efficiency without compromising security with ayData NDT Cloud.

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