ayData DICONDE print

Improve Workplace Efficiency with Digital Film Printing Alternatives

Print NDT images on plain paper at near film quality with ayData DICONDE print. It’s the ideal solution for anyone who wants to easily and cost effectively share digital NDT images with customers and inspectors, and annotate and store them in files.

Extra Ordinary Savings

From start to finish (purchasing to processing, handling, mailing, and archiving) working with film is expensive and labor intensive. Paper is extremely cost effective.

Substitute paper for film and you can:

  • Share images with minimal expense
  • Eliminate the need and cost for special handling and storage
  • Reduce labor costs associated with tracking, filing and transporting film
  • Minimize the impact on the environment
  • Save on compliance and other environmental costs associated with using chemical-based film

Easy Integration and Simplified Workflow

ayData DICONDE print’s film printer emulation enables compatibility and quick and easy integration with DICONDE workstations for high-quality printing. In fact, because you’ll eliminate the special printing, handling, storage, transportation, and other infrastructure needed for film, you’ll actually simplify your work process and that of all your collaborators.

  1. Image data is sent via the network as a DICONDE print job.
  2. It is then converted by the ayData print server according to an individual optimization.
  3. A hardcopy, in excellent quality, is then printed on regular paper by an aycan approved printer.

Optimized for Excellent Image Quality

ayData DICONDE print software receives DICONDE images from a workstation and then prints them in color or black & white on a certified ayData printer.  To achieve near film quality prints, the hardware and software have been optimized for NDT imagery.  You can further fine-tune print quality through the simple user interface. Features, such as Presentation Look-Up Tables (PLUT) can be easily accessed to set defaults and adjust image quality output settings such as brightness, gray scale, and contrast for each modality.

Key Features

  • Customer logo on prints

  • DICONDE compatible LINUX operating system

  • Glossy print (optional with special driver and printer)

  • Grayscale Standard Display Function (GSDF) calibration (optional)

  • Individual modality configurations

  • Postscript optimization

  • Presentation LUT (DICONDE) for each modality connected

  • Printer color correction capabilities

  • Real-time output preview

  • Remote maintenance 20-minute system recovery

  • Easy order of printer supplies and service

Certified ayData printers

Recognized for their outstanding image quality and reliability, we offer a wide array of Xerox printers as part of our ayData DICONDE print solution to suit your particular needs.

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Start improving your workflow without compromising security with ayData NDT archive.

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